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In case you missed it yesterday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal issued an emergency executive order to overturn a landslide house committee vote of 10-2 against the state’s proposed “Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act” (one of the right-wing’s latest “Right To Discriminate” laws). What’s the emergency, Governor? Are those pesky negroes riding buses again? Are the women folk trying to vote? Are non-Christians holding public meetings? Or, are two humans simply trying to [insert any action of daily commerce here]?

drinkingAccording to Gov. Jindal, “In Louisiana, the state should not be able to take adverse action against a person for their belief in traditional marriage. That’s why I’m issuing an Executive Order to prevent the state from discriminating against people, charities and family-owned businesses with deeply held religious beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman.” [Translation: “I’m issuing an Executive Order to protect and promote a Christian’s right to discriminate against homosexuals (or anyone else against whom they can use their religion to justify such bigotry).”]

I will say, at least Bobby Jindal is being Biblical in his quest to keep the state on the wrong side of history when it comes to the discrimination of others.

Louisiana Religious Discrimination Law

Sadly, last week I predicted more acts of desperation on the heels of the latest Pew Research report that shows a dramatic decline in Christianity over the last 7 years. As I mentioned, this is likely just the beginning as the religious right digs in for a fight… against? I’d love to see the state’s lawmakers (who’s 10-2 vote was overturned) and voters give Jindall holy hell. Of course, that would only fuel the claims “religious persecution” (of an elected official who should keep his religion out of his public office in the first place).

So, a big round of congratulations to Louisiana and Governor Jindall for reminding the country of your state’s proud history of ignorant bigotry and oppression of others! After all, I’m sure there aren’t more pressing matters in a state that ranks last in pay equality, but first in murder, and last in overall quality of life. Obviously the right to discriminate against a homosexual couple will fix your state’s problems and should be a top priority for the governor.

Can you hear that sound, Louisiana? It’s the majority of reasonable Americans booing. Once again, your state’s leaders seem blissfully unaware of just how far they are leading you to the wrong side of history. And, no… “not all Louisianans” are to blame – just the ones who vote these people into office and/or sit silently and watch this happen. Don’t like it? Stand up and fix it!

– Horus Gilgamesh​

P.S. Yes, this is the same state that passed an “Anti-Evolution Education” law that sneakily allows public schools to teach creationism under the guise of “academic freedom.” Is it any surpise that Louisiana ranks 48th in education?


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