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Incest In The Bible - Lot's Daughters - Awkward Bible

I’ve always found it odd that Lot became labeled as “righteous” in the Christianity of the New Testament – 2 Peter 2:7. Rrriiigghttt(eous)….

When I talk to my Jewish friends about this, they don’t believe he was righteous at all, in fact this story was used to justify the later genocide of the Moabites and the Ammonites – a sort of propaganda of impurity, painting the descendant tribes as the spawn of an UNrighteous man who commits incest with his daughters. (Apparently God let Lot live for other reasons – certainly not because he was “righteous.”)

So, how exactly did Lot come to be known as a righteous hero of the Old Testament? Need I remind you that this passage comes directly after Lot offers his virginal daughters to be gang-raped by a swarming crowd of townies?

NOW, FOR THE OBVIOUS:  I think it’s important to note that any man, righteous or otherwise, would have to be VERY drunk to lose sight of the immorality of having sex with his daughters (two nights in a row). So drunk, in fact – that it would be pretty much impossible to achieve the erection, let alone orgasm needed to impregnate his daughters. This logic might lead one to deduce that Lot wasn’t as drunk as we are led to believe – enjoying every last… (You get the picture.) Eww...

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